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  • What tax plan reduces charitable giving and increases taxes? You guessed it, the Republican tax bill. But you don’t have to believe us. All you have to do is ask the Joint Committee on Taxation. They found the bill will raise taxes on people earning between $20,000 and $30,000 by 2021. By 2027, all taxpayers earning under $75,000 will see their taxes increased. In that same year, individuals will see their tax bills increase by $54 Billion, while corporations will see their taxes decrease by $43 Billion.

  • Inexplicably the tax bill also makes it harder for Cities and States to refinance debt. So much for being in favor of local government.

  • Let your representative in the US House and US Senate know you do not support this tax plan.

Health Care

  • The Graham-Cassidy bill was the most recent attempt by the Republicans in the House, Senate, and the President to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Despite the fact, Hoosiers would lose between $425 Million and $678 Million under this plan Gov. Holcomb chose to support this legislation in a letter to Congress even though Hoosiers all over the state came out in support of the Affordable Care Act.

The Environment

  • The Clean Power Plan was finalized by the EPA August 3, 2015, with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Unfortunately, the current administration has decided to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

  • Did you know that Scientific American has identified the Top 22 Air Polluters in the United States? Perhaps most shocking is that 5 of these 22 Air polluters are right here in Indiana! Find out how you can help change this reality by visiting Indiana Beyond Coal.

  • Wind and solar energy jobs account for almost 59% of all energy jobs in Indiana. Employment in the Solar Industry increased 25% last year. Yet, Indiana only ranks 6th among the 12 Midwestern states. Could this be because Indiana State Legislatures passed a law making rooftop solar less attractive to homeowners? Why did the state legislature pass such a law? We don’t know. Contact your State Representative or State Senator today asking why they allowed this bill to pass.