Principles must never be more important than people

I bet that other than freedom, queue Braveheart video, principles is the most used word in American politics. “Politics is principles in action,” they say. “We can never bargain away our principles,” they say. “Our politicians must uphold our principles. That is why we voted for them!” But here is the thing. Life is messy. Today I was reminded during my priest’s homily that when principles sacrifice our relationship with people,  we must reevaluate them. We all believe in free markets, yes, Democrats believe in free markets, but we must also recognize that a blind adherence to free markets will hurt many people and so we must reevaluate in order to minimize that hurt. We all believe in individual liberties, yes, Democrats believe in individual liberty, but when those individual liberties put others’ health and safety at risk, then we must reevaluate in the name of the collective good. I’m not saying we should neglect our principles, but as my priest said, we must remember that people are more important.

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