Democratic voters deserve the representation the law requires

If you missed out letter to the Editor in The Star on Wednesday you can read it below.

First, we would like to thank The Star for their reporting on the appointments of our local government. Without local news organizations, government could easily operate without accountability and transparency.

For example, we were dismayed to learn the County Council waived the requirement that a Democrat be a member of the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals. While it may not be surprising that the Council did not know a Democrat, we certainly do. Yet, no member of the Council contacted us via our email address (, our website (, or our Facebook page (, asking for nominations for the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals. All of the previous contact methods are easily available from a simple Google search.

Additionally, the members of the Council should remember that over 1/3 of the voters in DeKalb County voted for Democratic candidates in the 2018 election. So while the County Council members may not be Democrats, it is likely that one of their neighbors is and Democratic voters deserve the representation the law requires. We presume this oversight was one of ignorance and not malice, and we ask the Council to immediately reconstitute the Board, in accordance with Indiana State Law.

Charlie Odier, Chair, DeKalb County Democrats

Suzanne Davis, Vice-Chair

Mary Anna Feitler, Treasurer

Jamie Canino, Acting Secretary

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