Why we run

“I mostly ran to bring up the issues and to make disenfranchised voters feel heard.” I always thought that was a platitude the losers of an election told themselves to make all of the time, effort, and money seem worth it. But after this election I cannot shake the idea that perhaps there is real meaning in that statement. I can’t forget Courtney Tritch’s commercial where she explains the most important thing her parents ever taught her.

On a more local level I recently heard a story from Emily Prosser who ran for Union Township Trustee. She was approached by a women who explained she was concerned about her friend who had stopped taking her expensive antidepressant medication and needed help with the basic costs of living, like keeping the electricity on in her home. The woman went on to tell Emily she was very concerned for her friend and her friend’s children, but because Emily ran for office and educated people about the Trustee position her friend was able to get the help she needed and she and her children are now safe. You see, running for office is about the issues and making real connections with voters. Because when you do that, you win and it was all worth it.

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