Fight DeKalb Poverty

I was recently reviewing the information about the Indiana Hometown Collaborative Initiative that Auburn started in 2016. I could not help but be taken aback by the following table which details income and poverty in DeKalb County

It is truly amazing to see in real numbers the fact that poverty in our county has doubled and real median household incomes have dropped almost 20% since 2000. I cannot help but look at that table in combination with the fact that Indiana has had a Republican governor for the last 13 years and a Republican State Senate for the last 39 years. But poverty in our area is a local issue and one cannot help but look at the fact that all County Commissioners and County Council members are Republicans. The poverty rate has doubled while county government has no problems finding $6,700,000 to lock up 52 people. One truly wonders about the focus of our elected officials.

However, as Democrats we must do more than simply point out the failures of our government to protect the marginalized. We must take an active role in correcting the problem. Therefore, I want all of you to consider joining us in attending’s educational event on Wednesday July 11, 2018. As Fight DeKalb Poverty states in the event description, “You will leave [the event] with tangible tools you can put to work in your organization to make a difference in poverty in our community.” You can find out more about Fight DeKalb Poverty on their Facebook page. As Democrats, we must become problem solvers because providing real solutions to important issues in our community helps win elections but, more importantly, leads to a better place to live for all of us.

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