February Meeting

Every organization needs goals. This week the Dekalb Democrats set our 2018 goals. One of the most important things about setting goals is to write them down and tell your friends about them. So we are sharing our goals with you. There are our 2018 goals

Candidate Recruitment

  • Recruit at least 20 people to run in the general election for a local, county, or state position by July 3rd, 2018 at Noon.


  •  Raise at least $10,000 from at least 100 donors by September 1st 2018.
  • Contact the State and National Party about fundraising efforts for local parties by May 9th, 2018


  • Each person at the meeting will reach out to at least 5 people who are known democrats by April 11th, 2018 talking to them about the work of the DeKalb County Democrat Party
  • Each person will reach out to at least 5 people who they do not know and ask about registering to vote and attending our meetings by June 13th, 2018
  • Post notice in kpcnew newspapers about all events starting immediately
  • Write at least one letter to the editor each month starting in February 2018 and continuing until November 2018.


  • Have at least 25 people donating at least two hours per month to party work. These 25 people will be in place by March 1st, 2018.

Voter registration

  • We want to do at least six voter registration events before October 1st, 2018.

We are already hard at work doing what we can to meet our goals. But you know what? We cannot achieve these goals without your help. So, we are asking you today to consider the helping us meet these goals. Are you interested in running for office? E-mail us at demsINdekalb@gmail.com so we can help launch your campaign. Are you interested in volunteering to knock on doors, write a letter to the editor, or help us with the day-to-day work of the democratic party? Let us know and we will get you started ASAP. Can you become one of our funders so we can purchase yard signs, support candidates, and win elections? Consider making a donation today.

Remember setting goals is one thing, but achieving these goals means more Democrats in office and a better America for all.

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