DeKalb Democrats talk about Mentoring at January Meeting

Shirley Johnson talks with DeKalb Democrats about mentoring

The DeKalb Democrats had their monthly meeting last Wednesday. You can find the meeting minutes on the Meeting Documents page. We discussed recruitment of candidates, precinct chair training, and much more. Additionally, Shirley Johnson from Catholic Charities and the US Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention was the guest speaker. Shirley discussed the opportunity to mentor at-risk children ages 9-17 in DeKalb and Noble Counties. Why talk about mentoring at a political meeting? So often politics seems to be about winning, but we must always remember that policies are only important because of how they impact people. In the end, politics should be about the people who live in our society. When politics loses sight of the people then everyone loses, even if the vote is won. What better way to remind ourselves of the importance of people than to be involved with direct action in a child’s life. Will you make a commitment to help our politicians focus on people, not “winning” in 2018?

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