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Principles must never be more important than people

I bet that other than freedom, queue Braveheart video, principles is the most used word in American politics. “Politics is principles in action,” they say. “We can never bargain away our principles,” they say. “Our politicians must uphold our principles. That is why we voted for them!” But here is the thing. Life is messy. Today I…

RBG: We will not let you down!

Lots of us are trying to counter the pain of losing the indomitable force for Good, Justice Ginsburg by taking action. Most of us want to look back at the November election knowing that we did all that we could to make the outcome a happy one. Below, you’ll see 5 ways you can take action and be the…

Get a ride to the polls in indiana

Indiana Rides to the Polls

What’s the best deal in town? A FREE ride to the polls. We can safely get you there for Early Voting — or to your polling place on Election Day. Click here: I would like to request a ride to the polls to get started! Or call the Rides to the Polls Hotline at 317-245-4417…

Fight DeKalb Poverty

I was recently reviewing the information about the Indiana Hometown Collaborative Initiative that Auburn started in 2016. I could not help but be taken aback by the following table which details income and poverty in DeKalb County It is truly amazing to see in real numbers the fact that poverty in our county has doubled…

February Meeting

Every organization needs goals. This week the Dekalb Democrats set our 2018 goals. One of the most important things about setting goals is to write them down and tell your friends about them. So we are sharing our goals with you. There are our 2018 goals Candidate Recruitment Recruit at least 20 people to run…

Shirley Johnson talks with DeKalb Democrats about mentoring

DeKalb Democrats talk about Mentoring at January Meeting

The DeKalb Democrats had their monthly meeting last Wednesday. You can find the meeting minutes on the Meeting Documents page. We discussed recruitment of candidates, precinct chair training, and much more. Additionally, Shirley Johnson from Catholic Charities and the US Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention was the guest speaker. Shirley discussed the…

Christmas Party With Courtney

We were fortunate to have Courtney Tritch attend our potluck Christmas Party on December 15th. In her remarks, Courtney reminded us of the power of reaching out to those we disagree with and having an honest conversation about our shared values and beliefs. Only through these types of conversations can we really make a difference…

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving. As we reflect on the things we are thankful for this year, we cannot help but list you. You have made the decision to become involved in improving your community, and for that we are thankful.